Flexible installation monitoring - effective and simple

Our system is compatible with all types of inverter, and can therefore be used for all PV systems.

Due to the precise yield measurement and the modular design, every size and type of installation can be monitored reliably. The integral system bus combines main and optional modules into a perfectly scalable hardware platform. Up to 50 pulse sources (inverter or power meter) can be connected to each InterLink-Solar system. RS 485 communication modules permit the connection to local large-screen displays.

In case of a power failure, the optional battery module ensures uninterrupted operation. Inputs for transmitting external fault signals and for supporting the energy supply management from 100 kWp upwards complete the functional package.

You can also use the datalogger to measure your own power consumption and to detect possible energy saving potentials - InterLink-Solar is the perfect starter for your personal energy management.

The most important features of the InterLink®-Solar

  • Compatible with all inverter types
  • Yield measurement by means of pulses, also from supply or intermediate counters
  • Precise measurements of solar radiation and panel temperature
  • Regular transmission of measured data (every 10 minutes, 60 minutes, or 24 hours)
  • Yield monitoring with minimum power consumption (< 1 W)
  • Alarm in case of yield deviations or system faults

The InterLink-Solar is available in the versions GPRS, Analog, ISDN, and LAN. Additional technical information is provided in the download area.

Photovoltaik Datenlogger InterLink-Solar