String current measurement with DC Monitor

Combined busbar and measuring device

This space-saving and extremely efficient solution is highly appreciated by fitters and operators. As of now, measurement of string currents and system voltage in the generator terminal box is handled by the intelligent busbar.

Measurement data acquired by the proven InterLink-Solar datalogger with fieldbus extension are transmitted to the computing center at regular intervals. In this way, detailed operating conditions of all parts of the installation are available worldwide, are evaluated automatically, and processed graphically.

Thanks to a USB port on the fieldbus module, installation, commissioning, and system testing on site are greatly simplified. Yield reductions or disturbances in individual plant sections are located quickly for targeted rectification.

Main features of the DC Monitor

  • Its compact design replaces the conventional busbar in the generator terminal box.
  • The units are available with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 inputs, whereby any combinations are possible.
  • The data bus of an InterLink-Solar permits up to 6400 individual string currents to be measured.
  • Thanks to simple remote configuration, all settings can be made conveniently from the office.
  • The wide measuring range of 20 A at 1000 VDC permits efficient and flexible panel connections & combinations.
  • Calibrated high-performance components ensure precise measurement results.
  • Modbus RTU for direct access to all measurements and easy integration into your own applications.

The datasheet provides more details about DC monitor, additional technical informations are available in the download area.

Photovoltaik Solar Strangstrom Messgerät DC Monitor String Current Measurement