Sustainable quality from specialists

Win and retain customers with failsafe systems

With the InterLink-Solar, installation technicians and service providers always have the optimal solution. Uncomplicated, cost-effective, customer-oriented.

Hereby, the Solar datalogger not only ensures reliable yields for your customers, but also underlines your trustworthiness as a specialist company. By installing a remote monitoring system, you demonstrate that you are convinced about the quality of your system, and will also provide customer support in case of problems. This makes it easier for prospective customers to decide for your offer.

Moreover, as a partner of InterLink-Solar you have the possibility of presenting your PV installation(s) on the largest public reference platform.

So why not register now without obligation, and find out more about your opportunities with the InterLink-Solar.

Your benefits with InterLink®-Solar

  • You can select the best modules and inverters to suit your customers - the InterLink-Solar always fits
  • The uniform solution greatly simplifies your purchasing, stock keeping, and installation
  • Remote communication facilities via telephone, GPRS or network link are already integrated
  • Thanks to the simple remote configuration, you can make all necessary adjustments conveniently from your office
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