Generate more power reliably

Always know how well your PV installation is working

The decision to invest in a PV installation is an important environmental contribution. But earnings are equally important.
Anyone wishing to generate eco-friendly solar electric power, must first make an investment. Therefore, it is only natural to expect an acceptable return on investment.

With our photovoltaic datalogger, you can monitor the output of your PV installation around the clock, and retrieve the results from at any time. The data are presented clearly and are easy to understand.

In case of a fault, you or your service provider will be informed automatically. This is done either via SMS, e-mail or fax, so that you can react at once. What's more, it's fun to watch how much power your installation is generating!

Convince yourself:
Yield monitoring with InterLink-Solar - here's a practical example.

Your benefits with InterLink®-Solar

  • You always know how well your PV installation is working
  • You will be notified immediately in case of a disturbance
  • You improve your ROI thanks to minimum downtimes
  • You can present your PV installation on and also on your own website
Photovoltaik Monitoring