The best 100 installations

The list of best installations gives a survey of the 100 most efficient installations monitored by InterLink-Solar.
For the assessment, the actual yield (kWh) is divided by the theoretic maximum yield (kWp). For example, if an installation with a theoretic maximum yield of 5 kWp generates 400 kWh in one month, the resulting Top 100 rating is 80 kWh/kWp. The higher this value, the higher is the installation's efficiency.

Installation (Channel) kWh/kWp

1) = Horizontal tracking
2) = Vertical tracking

The displayed results are generated from measurement values that have been collected and transmitted by our InterLink-Solar datalogger very precisely. In our central station, these data are used together with the configurations made by the owner to calculate the displayed results. Errors made by the owner when entering data, e.g. regarding surface area or efficiency, but also local weather conditions such as partial coverage with snow, can lead to incorrect results.